Things people smoke


Nicotine Cigarettes, they like the taste of tar




a girl who lost her shirt smokes an electronic cig

it keeps her warm; her lungs will not scar



a fuzzy faze smokes a small rock of crack

Listen kids, crack is really bad

Eventually it will make your faze blur and warp

Allowing you sight of dimension and far off universal worlds


DSC_0294 resized


People smoke ribs with sweet hickory smoke,

It taste really good if you like salty rich pork



A strange blue box that emits a strange white smoke

I do not know what it is, but I assume it does harm,

A vile machine, perhaps has a mind of its own.

Fear the exhaust port and nasty white storm.



Smoked Salmon, rot fish full of fukishima waste

A nuclear fish, but the smoke makes it clean

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Ode to Jack White




When masters bore the old chords and wiped dew,

The muses’ offering from Helicon,

From their lips as they challenged Orpheus,

Apollos’ crickets ceased their playing ; heard

The swans bow down to proper song and verse–

They all were trash of rotting meat and bone,

Compared to the noble brim hat song lord



He can rise the dead with his magic chords

and open portals into other worlds,

with the cadence of his divine like words.

Oh the throngs and oh the children o’er joyed

When he strings his lute and drapes black and red;

across the sphere on the horizon spreads,

a new day made of harmonies which bear

the truth of existence,  purpose and high god.


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People who I wish were my dad


Little Joe, all grown up and smokes a fatherly pipe


KRS-ONE straight poison on the mic

you know as a poppa he’d be at least all right


the big toad, toadstool tender and soft

a sensitive heart to make your emotions strong


Ben Cartwright, a father-god

He could make Bart Simpson do his chores

While catching a killer, nursing a shot up arm


Sir Michael Keaton, knight of the silver screen

He always does justice

His arms and ears are clean

A friend papa to read a young child to sleep


A youngster with all the promise to be,

Perhaps one day a paternal deity

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The Joy of Umbrellas


Foul rain and sun what poisons spill

From the sky when both clouds and orbs drip;

Yet can not break the Caelum of human will


A duel wielder, just walk straight and in line

78 (1)

The agility and grace to one hand the shield and ride strong


even shadows need to keep off the light


and business folk need to make money

We have not time to get wet wasting time!

A woman holding an umbrella wades through a flooded street in Nanjing

but umbrellas only work so far


Now sweet baby your head is dry

you are safe, rest your genius mind

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People Eating Pizza


Extra cheese for the commander in chief



A grumbus gorges on peppy peetz




He’s got a fresh box and and a stamp to prove he’s allowed to eat




he lost a bet and must take broco and white sauce

His eyes show his defeat

Boy ready to eat a pizza


A little sucker gives two thumbs for the 8 piece



slow down killer, one type and one brand is all you need



a princess has a well balanced thin crust feast



open your mouth wider lest you get cheese on your cheeks

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Free Kindle Ebook: A Single Day by Peter Black

Hey Folks,

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Innocent things portrayed as evil

feather wing


A weapon of death spreads avian disease





a hopper bides time until he attacks you asleep





ferocious feline fleet footed to gore,

the tender skins of your wrists with joy




a magical stone that brings about bloody wars



Poisonous fruit from the skin to its seeds

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